Devouring “The Hunger Games”

I have been thinking of writing about “The Hunger Games” trilogy for a while now, and I am finally getting around to it. Part of my delay has been due to being so wrapped up into reading and re-reading the books (and seeing the movie) that I haven’t wanted to break away from reading them to actually write about them! Not only are the books a compelling read (I read all three in less than one week), but they provide some significant themes and ideas to reflect on. I’ll do several blog posts about “The Hunger Games”, each reflecting on a particular theme/idea found in the books. Those themes will include (but are not limited to):

  • Poverty
  • Justice
  • Sacrificial love
  • Violence
  • Moral/Ethical Decision-Making

Be warned that there will be spoilers in my posts, but I will try to give a clear heads-up any time I am about to reveal major ones. Stay tuned for the upcoming series! (I will attempt to do at least one a week, but I am pretty good at getting distracted, so apologies if I do not live up to that).

Who doesn’t want a free comic book?

Mark your calendars, put a reminder in your phone, write it on your hand: Saturday is free comic book day! Go to your local game store to capitalize on this annual day of joy! If you live in the Charleston, WV area, go to The Rifleman on the west side. It looks like they might have some “Thor” and “Green Lantern” special comics because of the movies.

While I have never really gotten in to superhero comics, there are some graphic novels that I enjoy like Locke and Key and The Walking Dead. But hey, I’m not going to turn down a free comic, and who knows, maybe I will enjoy a superhero comic more than I thought!