Ok, I’ll say it…

… After watching the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC, I am finding it very hard to dislike Chelsea. While I have an MLS team (the Philadelphia Union) that I am very much invested in, I am still kind of exploring EPL. While I have tended to lean towards Everton and Arsenal, after today, Chelsea may be entering the mix. At any rate, Drogba is excellent and I find it difficult not to cheer him on. He stepped up in some big moments today.

In reality, I still do not have an EPL team that I am particularly invested in, but watching the Champions League final has made me a bit more eager to find “my” team. I’ll keep on looking. But for today, congrats to Chelsea FC for an extremely exciting final and a game well played!

It’s been a while!

It has been forever since I have posted! It has been such a busy summer so far that I haven’t really had the time or motivation, but I hope to start writing again in the near future. In the mean time, here is a video that I love and makes me continue to love MLS even more. Landon Donovan is a class act here. I can’t help but tear up a little when I watch it!